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Nõmme is one of the 8 administrative districts of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The district mostly consists of older private houses and is sometimes known as the “forest city”.

There are many historical sights on Nõmme, like Glehn’s Castle, Kalevipoeg sculpture (also known as “Glehn’s Devil”), cinema building “Victoria Palace”, Nõmme Market etc. Additionally to the historical sights there are many must see places, like Vanaka hill, ski jumping tower, Rahumäe cemetery, Pääsküla Bog etc.

Nõmme is divided into 10 subdistricts: Hiiu, Kivimäe, Laagri, Liiva, Männiku, Nõmme, Pääsküla, Rahumäe, Raudalu, Vana-Mustamäe.